How do I choose a suitable sponge from the Nam Liong product line?

How do I choose a suitable sponge from the Nam Liong product line?

Rubber Sponge Division produces many different kinds of foams with various polymers for different applications, such as water sports, outdoor products, protection accessories, gasket for automobile, ect. Different application has it requirements, for example, flame-retardant, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high elongation and so on. You may choose the suitable Polymer based on the characteristics you need for the applications.

【Consumer-use product】For example, wetsuit, shoes, bag, sports protection accessories, swimwear, fitness suit…etc. Those are suitable to use Chloroprene Rubber sponge (CR), Chloroprene/ Styrene-butadiene rubber (CR/SBR) or Thermal plastic Elastomer (TPE).

◆ Water-proof and wind-proof: CR = CR/SBR = TPE (All of them are closed-cell structure.)
◆ Soft and Elastic: CR > CR/SBR > TPE
◆ Compression and recovery: CR > CR/SBR > TPE
◆ Light weight: TPE > CR = CR/SBR
◆ Color availability: TPE > CR = CR/SBR
◆ Eco-friendly: TPE > CR > CR/SBR

【Industrial-use product】For example, headlight gasket for automobile, shock absorption material for battery, butter material for machine, sound-insulation material for trail industry…ect. You may consider among Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM), Chloroprene Rubber Sponge (CR), Chloroprene Rubber / Styrene butadiene rubber (CR/SBR) and Styrene butadiene rubber / Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (SBR/EPDM).

◆ Physical strength: CR > CR/SBR > EPDM > SBR/EPDM
◆ Flame retardant:CR > CR/SBR > SBR/EPDM > EPDM
◆ Oil resistance:CR > CR/SBR > SBR/EPDM > EPDM
◆ Compression resistance:CR > CR/SBR > EPDM > SBR/EPDM
◆ Chemical resistance:EPDM > CR > SBR/EPDM > CR/SBR
◆ Weather resistance:EPDM > SBR/EPDM > CR > CR/SBR

Consumer-use Rubber Sponge & Industrial-use Rubber Sponge

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