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  • Aluminum Foil Woven Fire Retardant Fabric
    Aluminum Foil Woven Fire Retardant Fabric

    The woven fabirc is designated as permanently fire-retardant made with composite yarn with an aluminized film laminated to one side. It has additional protection against exposure to radiant heat, provide both the robust physical properties and the temperature resistance required for safety clothing and PPE industry.

  • Fire Retardant Fabrics
    Fire Retardant Fabrics

    ZEROMELTS® fire resistant fabrics provide excellent thermal protection and heat isolation that last a lifetime. Protect human body from hazardous environments. ZEROMELTS® fire resistant fabrics are made of inherently FR fibers such as DuPont Kevlar, Nomex, oxidized PAN fiber, modacrylic, etc. Available in different constructions, weights, and processing for different requirements.Can combine with other fucntions such as high-visibility, abrasion resistance, gripping for value-adding purpose.

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