Factory Profile

Factory Profile

High Technical Textile

High Technical Textile
High Technical Textile

Mission :

Integrity: Integrity is the basis of any company.

Innovation: Focusing on research and development will bring more liveliness to the company.

Honor: Establishing a positive company image and enhancing the competitiveness of the company are the keys to corporate sustainability.

Responsibility: We must share the results of our hard work and shoulder the burden of creating a better society.

Modesty: Hard work, zero waste, active, flexibility and constant improvement are all highly valued.

NamLiong separates our company structure into two systems: (1) the first business group - Rubber sponge division and Tech-Lamination division; (2) the second business group - Fastening division and Tech-Textile division. Rubber sponge department produces high polymer foam-compound materials. Tech-Lamination division applies TPU lamination technique to waterproof, breathable and inflatable fabrics. Fastening division provides various kinds of hook and loop products. Tech-Textile division offers a series of functional fabrics and yarns, such as cut abrasion-resistant and flame retardant made with DuPont Kevlar(r) and Nomex(r) fiber.

First Factory

Area : 4772.67 SQ. m
Location : Tainan, Taiwan.
Established : 1972
Employee : 300
Safety / Quality Certification : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV, UL, ULC-94, Oeko-Tex 100, UL RSCS, RoHS
Manufacturing Equipment : Slicing Machine, Laminating Machine, Dyeing Machine, Twisting Machine, Welding Machine

Monthly Production : Foam Material 12,000 Sheets / Slice 20 Million Sheets / Lamination 20 Million Sheets / Hook And Loop 9 Million Yards.

Production Items :
1. Rubber sponge for industrial neoprene.
2. Hook and loop, back to back fasteners, velour, plastic hook and loop, special process tape and webbing bands.

Main Market : Japan, Europe, the United States, New Zealand, Russia ... and so on.

Second Factory

Area : 3027.73 SQ. m
Location : Tainan, Taiwan.
Established : 1998
Employee : 100
Safety / Quality Certifications : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TÜV
Manufacturing Equipment : Lamination Machine, Wrapping Machine, Membrane-Blowing Machine Twisting Machine, Spinning, Coating....etc.

Production Items :
1. Waterproof and breathable fabric, inflatable fabric, TPU membrane.
2. Abrasion resistant Fabric, cut resistant fabric, puncture resistant fabric, anti-slip fabric, reflective fabric, flame retardant fabric, multi-functional fabric, functional yarns & protective Products.

Main Market : Europe, the United States, Australia, China, Turkey, Southeast Asia ... and so on.

Third Factory

Area : 2100 SQ. m
Location : Tainan, Taiwan.
Established : 2018
Employee : 60
Safety / Quality Certifications : ISO 9001, TÜV
Monthly Capacity : 9 Million Yards

Production Items : Hook And Loop, Back to Back Fasteners, Velour, Plastic Hook and Loop, Special Process Tape and Webbing Bands.

Main Market : Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, etc.


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