Medical & Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare

Medical Mattress, Comression Therapy System, Medical / Sports Protection

By high frequency or heat welding to make an air tight chamber which can provide the function of compression therapy system, protection cushion, inflatable medical/outdoor mattress.

Extrusion lamination provides better price competition and Bio-compatibility approval to comply Quality standard.

Brushed Fabric / Velour laminate can be widely applied in medical / sports protective products.

High frequency weldable for better performance.

Rubber Sponge Division in Nam Liong has various foam products with different raw materials. Those sponges with excellent cushion function bring good protection and support to the wearer. The sponges laminated with curtain fabrics or treated with germanium or titanium can improve the blood circulation even more. The hook and loop material in our company offers better fastening performance to the finished medical products.

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