Standard Tapes

Standard Tapes The Hook and Loop is made of 100% Nylon Filament, It has two sides: A(Hook) and B(Loop). When two components are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and two pieces fasten.


Wire/Cable Strap

Wire/Cable Strap It is ideal for tying bundle of wires, cables and other applications.


Processed Tapes

Processed Tapes The standard Hook and Loop products have handy and multifunctional performance. It is able to be further processed by variety of method, including die-cut pieces, high frequency welding, heat pressing, sew-on and Ultrasonic joining, etc. to apply to clothing, sports equipment, and healthcare products.


Back-to-Back Fastening Tapes

Back-To-Back Fastening Tapes Back-to-back fastening tape applies glue to both back sides of Hoop and Loop. Thus, it can easily apply to different products. The most common packages are “Standard Hook and Loop”, “Standard Hook and Brushed Fabric”, “Plastic Hook and Brushed Fabric”, and ” Mushroom Hook and Brushed Fabric”.


Self-Adhesive Tapes

Self-Adhesive Tapes Back-glued fastening tape is the back coated with special-functioned glue to create “bonding” and “stabilizing” strength features. This tape applies sewing-free materials, such as wood, glasses, PVC, ABS, etc. According to different features of glues, it can be classified into Self-Adhesive Tape (P.S.A) and HA Tape (High Frequency Welded). 


Functional Tapes

Functional Tapes Function-oriented Fastening Tape has been specially processed on its Hook or/and Loop side to emphasize its durable, good-hand feeling, and so on. Based on different process, it can be classified into” Soft-Hook Tape”, “Mushroom Hook” , “Non-Brushed Loop” “Hook&Loop Combination” , “Flame-retardant Tape” and “Anti-Microbial”. Fastening Tape has been treated with chemical additives (anti-microbial or

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