Material For Automotive

Material For Automotive

Sunroof,Car Cover, Car Seat, Car Air Bag

Materials we produce are popularly used in different industries, especially in automotive market and its accessories.

By lamination or extrusion with different fabric, waterproof and airtight commodity widely applied in car accessory such as sunroof, car cover, car seat and car air bag.

Rubber Sponge materials have the characteristics of good protection, seal and anti-slip. Those can be found on various parts or accessories in the vehicle, such as headlight gasket, part gasket, seal, seat cover, cup holder and so on.

Loose loop (knitted loop) is effective in help seat pad foaming process, it is an assembly that suitable for steep curves at the join seam of seating.

Tampas de assento resistentes à água em neoprene.

Neoprene seat covers can protect your cars seats from getting wet and stained. Cut-outs for seat belts, headrests will not be fully protected. Standing water will leak through the seams but this can be avoided by adding seam-tape during manufacturing. The rest will be protected and you can directly get in your car wet
Using Neoprene seat covers can protect your seats from direct sunlight making them last longer and your seats won’t burn from the sunlight and feel warm in the winter.
Using wetsuit shampoo and washing the seat covers can improve the life-span of the seat cover by removing dirt, odors and organic residue.
Neoprene seat cover can be using in a variety of vehicles such as trucks, sedans, vans etc. You can choose the color of the fabric to match the interior. Installation is simple and using Velcro to fasten.

We not only provide neoprene sheets but also accept orders for finished goods.

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