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  • Soft Hook Fastening Tape
    Soft Hook Fastening Tape
    0.16 Hook, 0.18 Hook

    Soft hook is specialized for peel easier and not irritant when in contact with skin. This product has compliance with REACH and RoHS2.0.

  • Mushroom Hook
    Mushroom Hook
    Mushroom-shaped Hook Tape

    Special processed hook side (PP hook with nylon base). Strong peel and shear strength. For application part, it is suitable for high shear strength without repeated cycling. Mushroom hook can be used at such as curtain, carpet, electric tool, cable tie and DIY pack.

  • Unnapped Loop
    Unnapped Loop
    Non-Brushed Loop

    Unnapped loop is ideal for products that require higher life cycle, lower peel and shear strength. It has high quality appearance and quick drying property as well.

  • Fire-Retardant Hook and Loop
    Fire-Retardant Hook and Loop
    Flame Retardant Hook and Loop

    Fire Retardant hook & loop tape is available to be applied either by sewing or adhesive to meets various industry requirements. Our flame retardant product used FR coated to be self-extinguishing and has compliance with Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Section 25.853 (b) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 302. This product widely used throughout Aerospace, Automotive, Garment electrical accessories and so on.

  • Hook and Loop Mixed Tape
    Hook and Loop Mixed Tape
    Omni Tape

    Hook and loop mixed tape is woven on the same surface. This design allows fastening tape to stick to itself.

  • Rubber or Acrylic Adhesive Backed Fasteners
    Rubber or Acrylic Adhesive Backed Fasteners
    Rubber and Acrylic Hook and Loop Tape

    Self-adhesive fastening tape applies pressure-sensitive adhesive on back of tape, we supply two types of glue which are rubber based and acrylic based. Rubber based (WDS1 / WDS4 / WDS9) is for very simply peel and stick. Though it is easily affected by high temperatures and moisture, rubber adhesive has a higher initial tack quality than acrylic-based and suitable for many kinds of materials such as PVC, PP, EVA and so on. However, rubber provides great adhesion on plastic items and in indoor situations as well. The different between these three-types of adhesive: WDS1 is more suitable for sewn; WDS4 works well on a wide range of surface and has compliance with REACH and RoHS2.0 and WDS9 is flame retadant. Acrylic based (WDS8) suitable for high temperature and seasonal elements applications. It takes about 24 hours for bonding surface completely. Acrylic adhesive is the best choice for industrial, automotive and medical applications with rugged outdoor conditions and varying temperatures. Flame retardant self adhesive tape (WDS9) is compliance with FMVSS 302 and FAR 25.853(a) FR standard for automotive and aircraft indusry, offering high tack and bonds to a variety of substrates.

  • Weldable Hook and Loop
    Weldable Hook and Loop
    High Frequency Fastening Tape

    We provide two types of pre-coated dry adhesive tape: high frequency welding tapes (HA) and hot melt adhesive film tapes(WDF1). Both weldable tapes provide a quick permanent bond when operated by high frequency welding machine. However, WDF1 tape can be processed by more attach method such as hot hair dryer or heat-pressing with roller. This design ideally is suitable for adhesive PVC products for a waterproof long-lasting solution. Other application such as raincoat, stationery, tents etc.

  • Standard Back to Back Fasteners
    Standard Back to Back Fasteners
    Back 2 Back

    Standard back to back product is with hook on one side, and loop on the other, resulting in the strap, which can simply be attached to itself. Simply warped around and attached to itself for a great bundling or straping solution, this product can be supplied in roll form or can be die-cuts, cable-ties or straps. Applications for standard back to back include core control, cable ties or pallet straping, and the products are available in colors for electric core and net-work coating.

  • Special Back to Back Fasteners
    Special Back to Back Fasteners
    Back 2 Back Lamination

    Special back to back fastener is idea of expanding the knowledge of producing standard back to back, with hook or loop on one side, and specific fabric on the other, presents an exquisite appearance for hook & loop fasteners or extending hook & loop for a more diversified possibilities.

  • Elastic Loop Tape
    Elastic Loop Tape
    Stretch Loop Tape

    Made with Nylon, Polyester and Spandex, elastic loop can engage with hook fasteners and is often used in application requires closure to expand and contract. The stretchy function with soft loop makes it ideal for adjustable straps for medical braces, orthopedic and sport products. Two versions of elastic loop are available - Knit & Woven.

  • Loose Loop
    Loose Loop
    Auto Loop

    Loose loop provides high flexibility suitable for steep curves at the join seam of seating. Engage with molded hook or mushroom hook as solution to the assembly of car, train and airplane seats.

  • Hook and Loop
    Hook and Loop

    With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing hook and loop fasteners, NamLiong produces good quality of 100% nylon sew on hook and loop fasteners but never stop striking for developing a comprehensive range of products including fire-retardant, soft hook, mushroom hook, unnapped loop, weldable tape, self-adhesive tape, back to back and very wide range of hook and loop solutions.

  • Specially Processed Hook and Loop
    Specially Processed Hook and Loop

    In addition to standard hook & loop fasteners, we offer versatile service for custom made strap, converting, die cutting and cut to length tape to meet your requirement in many different industries. Main product line includes C fold loop, pre-fabricated strap, cable tie and custom packaging.

  • Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener
    Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener

    Devoted to high quality 100% nylon hook & loop tapes, with 35 years of experience and technics, we are capable of converting fastening hook and loop into multi-functional semi-finished or finished product; such as straps (welding or sewing), back to back (laminating) and logo printing. Sewon hook and loop fastener is durable for thousands cycles of open and close. With rigid hooks on one side and pliable loops on the other, it provides very good and strong closure ability, making our hook and loop ideal for your daily uses. ★ 100% Polyester hook and loop is available now, with this synthetic material that well known as waterproof, it widely used to produce on outdoor products. (with different MOQ request)

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