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Agent Wanted

Agent Wanted

Agent Wanted

Namliong is dedicated to keep reasonable prices, stable quality, and good brand image on our products, and create good profit space for our business partners so that we make leaps and bounds on our global marketing. Now we are looking for distributors and agents worldwide to market and promote our products.

Exclusive distributorship of certain territories can be granted. You are encouraged to craft and create your own marketing strategy to promote Namliong Products in your territory.

We will support you with our experienced salespersons including product knowledge, after-service support as well as marketing tools and sample goods.

Please contact us at <> if you are interested.

Agents Wanted for fire blankets

Nam Liong Global is looking for an experienced and motivated international sales agent to promote our fire blankets for electric vehicles and home use. As an agent, your main duty will be to generate sales by promoting our products to potential customers, building relationships, and providing exceptional customer service in the agreed region.

Ideal candidate should be proactive, self-driven, and possess excellent communication skills. You should also have a passion for safety protection products and should be willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in joining our team as an international sales agent, please contact us with your resume and a brief introduction about your experience and the market in your region. We look forward to hearing from you !


As the wave of electric vehicles continues to sweep the world, thousands of lithium batteries are installed under the chassis of electric vehicles. When these batteries are hit by external forces or damaged wires, they may catch fire, potentially causing a chain reaction of combustion that can burn for up to 6 hours. Extinguishing such a fire may require up to 75 tons of water.

How can firefighters quickly extinguish a fire without causing harm to personnel and wasting water resources?

Nam Liong Global has developed large fire blankets for electric vehicles, designed to address the specific characteristics of battery fires. The blankets are made of high-temperature resistant silicon dioxide fabric, with a flame-retardant silicone coating on both sides for added protection. This material is highly durable and tear-resistant, and can withstand the intense heat of an electric vehicle fire. By quickly covering the vehicle, the blankets eliminate the need for traditional fire extinguishers such as water or foam, and prevent the fire from spreading to other objects in the environment.

The size of the electric vehicle fire blanket is 6m x 8m, which is sufficient to cover most small passenger cars.

Therefore, as long as the electric vehicle fire blanket is used to cover the car body on fire and is tightly sealed to the ground as much as possible, it can effectively isolate oxygen, cause suffocation, and effectively control the fire in a short time, preventing the fire from spreading to the surroundings. Electric vehicle fire blankets can be used in various confined spaces, including tunnels, maintenance shops, parking lots, car ferries, gas stations, charging stations, and other locations where fires may potentially lead to large-scale disasters. These blankets are easy to operate and store, requiring only two people for operation, and are reusable. With their simple design, the blankets can effectively control fires and prevent the spread of toxic substances. Nam Liong Global has developed a new type of electric vehicle fire blanket in collaboration with national fire protection department, featuring an effective fire extinguishing mechanism. After covering the car body with the electric vehicle fire blanket, carbon dioxide is injected to prevent the remaining air from aiding combustion, quickly blocking heat and smoke and delaying the spread of the fire.


This fire blanket is made of DuPont Kevlar® and oxidized fiber with excellent flame retardance, high temperature resistance, and non-flammable properties. It can be used for initial extinguishment of small fire sources. Cover it on the fire source to achieve the effect of isolation. The blanket can also resist the splash of sparks and effectively prevent the fire from turning into a larger scale. Gaining more time to escape from a fire.


Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, schools, offices, factories, labs, construction sites, camping and other places prone to fire…,etc.

Instructions for use

1.Pull down the two long straps at the bottom of the bag to quickly take out the fire blanket for use.

2. Cover the fire source or kindling with the fire blanket, isolate the air combustion aid, and then extinguish the fire source.

3. The fire blanket can be wrapped around the body to prevent burns from high-temperature flames and quickly escape from the scene.

Passed US CPAI-84 and European ISO 15025:2000AI

Easy to operate / Flame retardant and heat insulation / Safety protection / Quality assurance

Agent Wanted | High-Tech, Functional, Green Textile Fabrics & Foam Composite Materials Manufacturer Since 1972 | Nam Liong

Located in Taiwan since 1972, Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch has been a high-tech, functional, environment-friendly textiles and foam composite materials manufacturer. Their main textile products, including Neoprene, Industrial-Use Rubber Sponge, TPU Film, Inflatable, Hook And Loop, Abrasion Resistant Fabric, Flame Retardant Fabric, Cut Resistant Fabric, Anti Slip Fabric, Functional Yarn and Products, which meet international standards such as USDA and bluesign.

Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch provides high-tech, functional, environment-friendly polymers and high elastic foam materials to meet all kinds of requirements from our customers with our continuous R&D ability and great service quality. With more than 45 years of experience, Nam Liong is dedicated to environmental protection and keeps developing eco-friendly products in compliance with international environmental regulation. Following the concept of respect for life, we focus on the development of products for health protection to avoid potential hazards to human body.

Nam Liong has been offering customers functional fabric and bio-based neoprene sponge, both with advanced fabric technology and 50 years of experience, Nam Liong ensures each customer's demands are met.