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  • Polyester Woven Puncture Resistant Fabric
    Polyester Woven Puncture Resistant Fabric

    Made with high tenacity polyester and woven tightly from a special weaving machine to provide great puncture resistance in single layer construction. It also qualifies for the highest level of EN-388 6.4 Nail Puncture Resistance and the highest level of EN-388 6.1 Abrasion Resistance.

  • Polyester Woven Nail-Proof Fabric
    Polyester Woven Nail-Proof Fabric

    This ARMORTEX® nail proof fabric is tightly woven with special weaving machine making this single layer fabric a great puncture resistant choice. When treated with other processing, it can be laminated, coated or transferred onto other materials to add additional function to the overall product.

  • Kevlar mixed Knitted Puncture Resistant Fabric
    Kevlar mixed Knitted Puncture Resistant Fabric

    This ARMORTEX® puncture resistant knit fabric is a double knit puncture resistant fabric. With the Kevlar outer layer and cotton lining, this material offers the protection while providing comfort to the wearers. Qualified for EN 388 6.4 Nail puncture resistance level 2 and Blade Cut Resistance level 3.

  • Polyester Nail-Proof Fabric
    Polyester Nail-Proof Fabric

    Multi-layer fabric tightly woven with a special weaving machine making the entire combination a puncture resistant material. The fabric is tested according to BS EN 12568:1998 of over 1100N. ARMORTEX® puncture resistant fabric can be die cutting as mid sole for safety footwear or applied in sports gear, industrial protective equipment, etc.

  • Kevlar Puncture Resistant Fabric
    Kevlar Puncture Resistant Fabric

    This ARMORTEX® puncture resistant fabric is a laminated combination of Kevlar layer and cotton layer making the entire material both cut resistant and puncture resistant. This material provides both comfort and protection. KC-1128BO qualifies for EN 388 6.4 Nail puncture resistance level 3 and Blade cut resistance level 3.

  • Puncture Resistant Fabric
    Puncture Resistant Fabric

    Composed of high tenacity yarns, ARMORTEX® Puncture resistant fabric is woven into various constructions and density to provide different levels of puncture resistant strength. Qualified for EN 388 6.4 puncture resistance test as well as BS EN 12568:1998 over 1100N strength. ARMORTEX puncture resistant fabrics can be applied as midsole of safety footwear, protective armor for protective gears, industrial protection and other specialized products depending on customers' creative designs and innovative ideas.

Result 1 - 6 of 6

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