Company Profile

Respect for Live, Protection for Environment.

Company Profile

A benchmark corporate in the composite material industry.

Respect for Live, Protection for Environment.
Respect for Live, Protection for Environment.

Nam Liong Global Corporation was founded in 1972. With the hard working and great dedication of all the employees, we have grown from a Taiwan-based medium- to small-sized enterprise to an international conglomerate. We dedicated to provide high-tech, functional, environment-friendly textiles and foam composite materials.

Nam Liong internally will also devote ourselves to the inheritance of experience and the continuation of entrepreneurial spirit in the future. We then continue to pursue innovation and transformation to meet the requirements from our customers with both macro motivation and youthful vitality to develop steadily and operate sustainably.

Respect for Life

Providing the best personal protection by applying the technology of textile materials, polymeric foam composite materials for different applications, such as personal protective industry, automobile and transportation safety....etc.

Material Applications: Wet Suit, Medical Brace, Shoes, Bags, Hook and Loop Fasteners, Pre-Fabricated Strap, Abrasion Resistant Fabric, Cut Resistant Fabric, Anti-Slip Fabric, Reflective Fabrics, Fire-Retardant Fabrics and Industrial Protective Materials.

Protection for Environment

In dedication of developing and innovating eco-friendly materials, Nam Liong has also approved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management system, as well as obtaining Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. Cooperating with global corporations for cutting-edge products, we engage in the field of sport leisure, outdoor-activity garment and medical protective industry.

Material Applications: TPU Film, TPU Lamination, Lifesaving Vest, Medical Air Mattress, Camping Mattress, Medical Brace and Bedding.



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