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How do I choose among the Nam Liong sponges?

Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch. produces many different kinds of foams with various polymers for different applications, such as water sports, outdoor products, protection accessories, gasket for automobile, etc. Different application has it requirements, for example, flame-retardant, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high elongation and so on. You may choose the suitable polymer based on the characteristics you need for the applications.

【Consumer-use product】For example, shoes, bag, sports protection accessories, swimwear, fitness suit, wetsuit…etc. You may refer to below table and chart for the suitable polymer.

Water & wind proof

Soft and elastic

Compression and recovery


Color availability


ApplicationsBag, sneakers, sport supports…Diving suit, surfing suit, swimwear, medical supports…Bag, boots, sport supports, fitness suit…

◎: Excellent ○: good  △: Fair

【Industrial-use product】For example, headlight gasket for automobile, shock absorption material for battery, buffer material for machine, sound-insulation material for trail industry…etc. You may consider among Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM), Chloroprene Rubber Sponge (CR), Chloroprene Rubber / Styrene butadiene rubber (CR/SBR) and Styrene butadiene rubber / Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (SBR/EPDM) for different requirements.

Physical strength

Flame retardant

Oil resistance

Compression resistance

Chemical resistance

Weather resistance

◎: Excellent ○: Very good  ☉: Good  △: Fair

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How do I choose among the Nam Liong sponges? | Over 50 Years High-Performance Technical Fabric and Bio Rubber Sponge Manufacturer | Nam Liong

Located in Taiwan since 1972, Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch has been a high-tech, functional, environment-friendly textiles and foam composite materials manufacturer. Their main textile products, including Neoprene, Industrial-Use Rubber Sponge, TPU Film, Inflatable, Hook And Loop, Abrasion Resistant Fabric, Flame Retardant Fabric, Cut Resistant Fabric, Anti Slip Fabric, Functional Yarn and Products, which meet international standards such as USDA and bluesign.

Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch provides high-tech, functional, environment-friendly polymers and high elastic foam materials to meet all kinds of requirements from our customers with our continuous R&D ability and great service quality. With more than 45 years of experience, Nam Liong is dedicated to environmental protection and keeps developing eco-friendly products in compliance with international environmental regulation. Following the concept of respect for life, we focus on the development of products for health protection to avoid potential hazards to human body.

Nam Liong has been offering customers functional fabric and bio-based neoprene sponge, both with advanced fabric technology and 50 years of experience, Nam Liong ensures each customer's demands are met.