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  • Polyester Woven Nail-Proof Fabric
    Polyester Woven Nail-Proof Fabric

    This ARMORTEX® nail proof fabric is tightly woven with special weaving machine making this single layer fabric a great puncture resistant choice. When treated with other processing, it can be laminated, coated or transferred onto other materials to add additional function to the overall product.

  • Polyester Nail-Proof Fabric
    Polyester Nail-Proof Fabric

    Multi-layer fabric tightly woven with a special weaving machine making the entire combination a puncture resistant material. The fabric is tested according to BS EN 12568:1998 of over 1100N.ARMORTEX® puncture resistant fabric can be die cutting as mid sole for safety footwear or applied in sports gear, industrial protective equipment, etc.

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