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  • Super Smooth Wetsuit Material
    Super Smooth Wetsuit Material
    Neoskin (ORCA, ENSS, NSI…)

    Super smooth wetsuit material is the surface treatment process on Chloroprene Rubber sponge to achieve a smooth sleek and quick dry surface; it gives a great variety of the products, such as wetsuit, diving suit, bag …etc.Super smooth rubber sponge is also a suitable material for the outer or inner layer of watersports suits (Diving suit, surfing suit....etc.)Unique textures designed Smooth neoprene can increase product’s market competitiveness. It can be widely used on handbags. Multiple styles of patterns and colors available, it can also be customized.We can also cut the Super smooth wetsuit material to make Super smooth tape, which an be applied as sealing strip in inside layer of a wetsuit to provide high smoothness, comfort and high flexibility. (Please contact us for the minimum bulk order request for the super smooth tape.)Minimum bulk order quantity: 300 sheets of 50"x80".

  • Hyper Stretch Wetsuit Material
    Hyper Stretch Wetsuit Material
    QT, SF, NL, AQ, 2N

    Hyper stretch wetsuit material gots features as soft hand feeling, high elongation rate and low modulus, it is a suitable material for diving suit, surfing suit....etc.Laminated with high stretchy Chloroprene Rubber Sponge (so-called neoprene), the finished products will have the best activity performance.Minimum bulk order quantity: 300 sheets of 51"x83" or 51"x130". (Some fabrics might have higher minimum quantity request.)

  • Thermal Wetsuit Material
    Thermal Wetsuit Material
    HOSPAN, Thermal, MT, PP

    Thermal wetsuit material has soft, dense, brushed surface, the loops hold in enough air to decrease temperature loss.Due to the heat retaining properties, thermal wetsuit material is superior to other normal fabrics.Thermal wetsuit material is a suitable material for diving suit, surfingsuit...etc.Minimum bulk order quantity: 300 sheets of 51"x83" or 51"x130". (Some fabrics might have higher minimum quantity request.)

  • Neoprene and other foaming materials
    Neoprene and other foaming materials

    Chloroprene Rubber (neoprene) sponge, Styrene butadiene rubber sponge (SBR foam), Thermalplasitc Elastomer (TPE foam), Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber sponge (EPDM foam) or other foam materials can be laminated with fabric for the consumer products or can be die-cut for the industrial use. Tha main characteristics are water-proof, thermal-insulation and good cushion/protection. Breathability treatment is optional.

  • Consumer-Use Rubber Sponge (Neoprene sponge, SBR foam, TPE foam)
    Consumer-Use Rubber Sponge (Neoprene sponge, SBR foam, TPE foam)

    The closed-cell structure of the Chloroprene rubber sponge (neoprene) got the features as soft, waterproof, good hermetic seal, adhesion force, heat preservation and high strength, resistance to seawater, chemicals and fire. Chloroprene rubber sponge laminated with various fabrics are suitable materials for diving suit, surfing suits, water sports, spearing suit, immersion suit, survival suit, life vest, computer bags, sport use and medical protection equipment....etc.Please click below product based on different polymer for more details.Chloroprene rubber / Styrene butadiene rubber compound sponge (CR / SBR) contains the characteristics of both polymers. Various foams with different percentage of Chloroprene rubber are produced to meet different requirements.Thermalplastic Elastomer (TPE) sponge is another choice if you are looking for something even lighter then neoprene. The closed-cell structure of TPE foam is also water-proof and with good cushion performance. With various mesh fabrics and perforation process, TPE foam laminates can make your bag or shoe proucts with fashion-looking and performance at a time.

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