Thermal Wetsuit Material



By lamination or extrusion with different fabric, waterproof and airtight commodity widely applied in car accessory such as sunroof, car cover, car seat and car air bag.

Home & Bedding

Home & Bedding

TPU membrane is breathable and waterproof. When applied with different fabric, can be used in all sorts of Home and bedding products like mattress protectors, underpads, sofas etc. Not only does it block water and prevent microorganisms but air particles can flow through the membrane.


Thermal Wetsuit Material | Technical Textile Manufacturer - Nam Liong Enterprise Co., Ltd

Nam Liong Enterprise Co., Ltd is one of the prime Thermal Wetsuit Material | technical textile manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1972 in composite material industry.

ISO, TUV, UL, ULC-94, Oeko-Tex 100, UL RSCS, RoHS certified technical textiles products such as rubber sponge, TPU film, abrasion resistant fabric, flame retardant fabric, cut resistant fabric and more. All performance fabrics are engineered for a wide variety of uses regardless of personal & industrial protection, UL and ULC life vest, medical and healthcare, industrial-use, water sports, outdoor, automotive, etc.

NL has been offering customers high-quality tech textiles. Both with advanced fabric technology and 45 years of experience, NL ensures each customer's demands are met.

Thermal Wetsuit Material

PP, Thermal, QDS…

Warm Keeping Wetsuit Material

Thermal wetsuit material is the thermal fabric laminated with the foam.
Thermal wetsuit material is the thermal fabric laminated with the foam.

Thermal Wetsuit Material has soft, dense, brushed surface. The loops hold in enough air to decrease temperature loss. Due to the heat retaining properties, Thermal Wetsuit Material is superior to other normal fabrics and is a suitable material for diving suit, surfing suit...etc.


  • Soft Hand Feeling.
  • High Elongation Rate.
  • Warm-Keeping Functional.
  • Quick Dry.

Minimum order

300 sheets of 51"x83" or 51"x130". Some of the fabrics have higher MOQ requirement.


  • Watersports, wetsuit, surfing suits, orthopedic supports, shoes which
Chloroprene Rubber Sponge
Chloroprene Rubber Sponge is the closed-cell foam with good elasticity and resists to sea water, chemicals, fire and ozone.
Eco-friendly Rubber Sponge Laminate
Oeko-Tex standard 100 Certificated Rubber Foam Laminate has got Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and complies with PAHs standard. Both Chloroprene Rubber Sponge and Styrene Butadiene Rubber Sponge are available.
Bio-based Rubber Sponge
100% Neoprene-free rubber sponge made of the bio-based raw materials, such as sugar cane, seashell powder, rubber tree and plant oil.
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  • Chloroprene Rubber Foam - SEAMATE® Chloroprene Rubber Foam is the closed-cell rubber sponge.
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    Nam Liong SEAMATE® Chloroprene Rubber Foam material is the closed-cell foam with good elasticity. It has the features of soft hand-feeling, water-proof, weather-resistance and warm-keeping. Chloroprene Rubber Foam, which resists to sea water, chemicals, fire and ozone, can be laminated with various fabrics for different performance. Below are the models in this series.

  • Hyper Stretch Wetsuit Material - Hyper stretch wetsuit material with smooth and soft hand feeling.
    Hyper Stretch Wetsuit Material
    QT, SF, NL555, AQ2, 2N…

    Hyper Stretch Wetsuit Material got features as soft hand feeling, high elongation rate and low modulus. It is a suitable material for diving suit, surfing suit....etc. Laminated with high stretchy Chloroprene Rubber Sponge (so-called neoprene), the finished products will have the best activity performance.

  • Printed Chloroprene Rubber Foam Laminate - Printed foam materials with different lookings.
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    Camouflage/Printed Chloroprene Rubber Sponge treatment can be used on fabric. Plenty of modern patterns are available and we also accept new designs from the clients. Diving / Spearfishing Camouflage provides good disguise during spearfishing. Outdoor Camouflage can be integrated with the forest, the wilderness. Military-use Camouflage can avoid the track from the enemy.

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