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Closed-cell rubber sponge, such as Chloroprene Rubber Sponge or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM) sponge consist of innumerable sealed gas-filled cells. The cells are vulnerable to heavy pressure and creases. In order to reduce creases being caused in packing, the recommended method for sponge sheet is to be laid flat inside a crate to keep them secured.A standard wooden cate can load 800mm thick foam materials in total. Taking 2.0mm foam laminate as an example, 400 sheets can be loaded. A standard crate with 51”x83” foam materials is 4 Cubic Meters (CBM) and a standard crate with 51”x130” foam materials is about 5.4 Cubic Meters (CBM). The actual size and the gross weight varies based on the actual quantity to be shipped.Roll packing is another way to pack the foam materials. However, since this packing method would cause the irrecoverable trace mark easily, we wouldn’t suggest to pack rubber sponge foam material in this way. This is more suitable for small quantity sample order.
Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch. produces many different kinds of foams with various polymers for different applications, such as water sports, outdoor products, protection accessories, gasket for automobile, etc. Different application has it requirements, for example, flame-retardant, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high elongation and so on. You may choose the suitable polymer based on the characteristics you need for the applications. space
【Consumer-use product】For example, shoes, bag, sports protection accessories, swimwear, fitness suit, wetsuit…etc. You may refer to below table and chart for the suitable polymer.





Water proof

Wind proof




Soft and elastic

Compression and recovery


Color availability



Bag, sneakers, sport supports…

Diving suit, surfing suit, swimwear, medical supports…

Bag, boots, sport supports, fitness suit…

◎: Excellent ○: good  △: Fair

Consumer-use Rubber Sponge
【Industrial-use product】For example, headlight gasket for automobile, shock absorption material for battery, butter material for machine, sound-insulation material for trail industry…etc. You may consider among Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM), Chloroprene Rubber Sponge (CR), Chloroprene Rubber / Styrene butadiene rubber (CR/SBR) and Styrene butadiene rubber / Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (SBR/EPDM) for different requirements.






Physical strength

Flame retardant

Oil resistance

Compression resistance

Chemical resistance

Weather resistance

◎: Excellent ○: Very good  ☉: Good  △: Fair

Industrial-use Rubber Sponge
Polyimide Fiber (abbreviated PI Fiber) provides excellent mechanical properties, such as fire retardant, acid, anti-oxidation, and is thermally stable up to approximately 350°C.
ARMORTEX® is a registered trademark of Nam Liong Global Corporation, Tainan Branch. Nam Liong grants the use of the logo to its customers who have paid their dues for the purpose of using the Armortex® materials. If you are working with Nam Liong on a project or initiative, please work with your contact to coordinate the marketing permissions.Although we would like to accommodate all the logo requests we receive, we need to make sure our Armortex® brand is used in the right way. The intended used of the Armortex® logo must be permitted by Nam Liong. It is irrelevant whether the products are sold B2C or B2B, online or offline. Nam Liong takes legal action against non-certified person or companies to protect our goodwill and trade name that, for example, print on products or advertisements and sell them as Armortex® certified.If you are from a non-profit organizations or media, you may use the Armortex® logo in conjunction with accurate statements and our quality and material description. You can obtain a high resolution logo by sending a request indicating the purpose of the logo use by emailing us at <>.
We are able to supply 100% Nylon and 100% Polyester Hook & Loop.
Our website lists the standard and most popular items but may not cover all possibilities and capabilities. Please contact us and let us know your requirement and we will find the best solution for you.
Yes, we have built a complete supply chain and can provide OEM customized service according to your requirements, specifications and designs. We ever supply sport braces, neoprene seat covers, life vests, bags, neoprene sportswear, waterproof mattress and pillow protectors, waterproof underpads, etc.
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