By lamination or extrusion with different fabric, waterproof and airtight commodity widely applied in car accessory such as sunroof, car cover, car seat and car air bag.

Home & Bedding

Home & Bedding

TPU membrane is breathable and waterproof. When applied with different fabric, can be used in all sorts of Home and bedding products like mattress protectors, underpads, sofas etc. Not only does it block water and prevent microorganisms but air particles can flow through the membrane.


FUNCTIONAL YARNS | Technical Textile Manufacturer - Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch

Nam Liong Global Corporation,Tainan Branch is one of the prime FUNCTIONAL YARNS | technical textile manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1972 in composite material industry.

ISO, TUV, UL, ULC-94, Oeko-Tex 100, UL RSCS, RoHS certified technical textiles products such as rubber sponge, TPU film, abrasion resistant fabric, flame retardant fabric, cut resistant fabric and more. All performance fabrics are engineered for a wide variety of uses regardless of personal & industrial protection, UL and ULC life vest, medical and healthcare, industrial-use, water sports, outdoor, automotive, etc.

NL has been offering customers high-quality tech textiles. Both with advanced fabric technology and 45 years of experience, NL ensures each customer's demands are met.


High-Performance Composite and Synthetic Yarns

ARMORTEX® Functional Yarns and Protective Products.
ARMORTEX® Functional Yarns and Protective Products.


ARMORTEX® Functional yarns and protective products are available upon customers' request.

Fire Retardant Yarns - Spinned from inherently FR fibers then twisted into threads to be used for sewing threads for fire-fighting boots, FR gloves, etc. Core yarns or blended yarns are available by request.

High Tenacity Yarns - Based on high tenacity fibers like DuPont Kevlar® then apply special dyeing technique to allow non-dyeable Kevlar become colorful.

Cut Resistant Yarns - Composite core yarns are made with special spinning facility to add the extra cut resistant function to the yarns.

Protective Products - Made from our functional yarns. Product range includes FR Balaclava, Cut resistant gloves, Cut resistant sleeves, High tenacity webbing, FR webbing, FR shoe laces, etc.

Please refer to the attached product E-catalogue for more details on our personal protective equipment.





100% Para-aramid FR yarn, Kevlar®
Yarn Count: 20s - 40s
Yarn Ply: 1 – 4ply
•High temperature resistance
•Flame retardant erformance
•Non-combustion (carbonization only)
•High tensile strength
•High hardness
•FR Clothing
•FR safety rope
•Outdoor leisure equipment
•Tactical vest
•Industrial protective clothing & gloves
•Racing suit
•Sports clothing
•High-temperature filtering material
•Survival game equipment
100% Meta-aramid FR yarn, Nomex
Yarn Count: 20s - 40s
Yarn Ply: 1 - 4ply
•High temperature resistance
•Flame retardant performance
•Non-combustion (carbonization only)
•Good spinnability
•Dimensional stability
100% para-aramid FR Kevlar sewing thread
Yarn Count: 20s - 30s
Yarn Ply: 2/3/4/8ply
•High tensile strength
•High temperature resistance
•Acid and alkali resistance
•Light weight
•Good insulation
•Anti-degrade properties
•Shoes stitching
•Safety harness
•Bag & suitcase
•Automotive seat cover
•Police and military equipment
•Furniture and leather product
FR Kevlar stainless sewing thread
Yarn Ply: 4ply
100% para-aramid FR Kevlar sewing thread
Denier: 200 – 300D
Yarn Ply: 3ply
HPPE sewing thread
Denier: 400D
Yarn Ply: 2/3ply


Cutting-Resistant/High-Tenacity Filament Yarn Series

We offer variety of models which blend with different materials such as Kevlar®, Nomex®, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon, HPPE, Spandex, Stainless, Glass fibre, etc.

Denier: 200 – 2400D

•High abrasion
•Flame retardant performance
•High stretchable
•Light weight

※ Kevlar® composite yarns combine different types of fibres such as Glass, HPPE, Stainless, which provides superior mechanical properties without losing dexterity. Variety of color choices to make your project special.

•Fishing nets
•Outdoor products
•Ice hockey
•Special protective equipment
•Cut-resistant ackpack

Customized Yarn

Customized items for more applications or blending with different fibres: please contact us for getting further information.

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