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UL / ULC Approved Materials for Personal Flotation Device.

UL / ULC Approved Materials for Personal Flotation Device.

Material For UL / ULC Life Vest

Components for Personal Flotation Device

We have several foam materials compliance with UL-1191 Personal Flotation Device (PFD) standard. UL File No: MQ1773. ULC File No: 1962. With our UL / ULC approved PFD materials and other suitable components can make sure the life vest has enough strength and flotation to protect the wearer.

UL approved flotation foam is also available HYPER 05 is made of NBR/PVC with the characteristics of low-density, good oil-resistance, good thermal insulation, low water abs portion, high buoyancy and softness. HYPER 05 foam can be used as the flotation materials inside the life vest / life suit for better safety.

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UL-1191 Life Vest Material - UL / ULC approved fabric laminated neoprene foam for personal flotation device.
UL-1191 Life Vest Material
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UL approved life vest neoprene material is the fabric-laminated neoprene rubber sponge that meet UL-1191's requests to the strength and flotation. UL File...


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